Product categories

High-speed machining motors

High-speed machining motors


Special drives & high-speed direct drives

Special drives & high-speed direct drives


Flat motors & Circular saw motors

Flat motors & Circular saw motors


Main features of specialty motors

  • Greater radial and axial run-out precision
  • Reinforced bearings compared to standard motors
  • Self-cooling by means of integrated fan
  • Labyrinth seal
  • Balancing at rated speed
  • Voltage freely selectable
  • Converter operating mode
  • Variable speed

Options at a glance

Special shaft, tool mounting

  • Cylindrical with / without key with tight rotational tolerance
  • Front or exterior threads
  • Interior taper (e.g., for holding collets) or exterior taper
  • High-precision for radial and axial runout in micronlevel quality
  • HSK-C for manual tool changes
  • HSK-F63 for automatic tool changes
  • Saw blade flange
  • Hollow shaft for lubricants or purge air


  • Spindle or hybrid bearing based on speed and precision requirements
  • Single or dual bearing on drive/tool side

Shock loads (e.g., by flying saw)

  • Housing and bearing shield are welded steel


  • Balancing at rated speed also for various operating speeds
  • Vibration level R or S

Electrical connection

  • Choice of terminal box position (looking at shaft end): front, rear, right, left, axial
  • Plug instead of terminal box up to rated current IN ≤ 5 A possible

Motor protection, thermal

  • Winding: PTC, PT 100, bimetal switch, KTY sensor
  • Bearing: PTC, PT 100


  • Tropical insulation
  • Thermal Class H with thermal utilization based on class F

Protection against environmental influences

  • Labyrinth seal in special models
  • Sealing air for bearings
  • Overpressure in the interior in the event of increased humidity
  • Dust protection in accordance with ATEX Zone 22
  • Anti-condensation heating
  • Increased spray water protection

Add-on parts

  • Brake, electromechanical
  • Rpm indicator
  • Mounting flange according to customer specifications